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1. Dark Gothic Poetry - Sad Poems
Dark Gothic Poetry by SorrowMan. Sad and dark poems expressing pain and darkness life some...
[ http://www.sorrowman.org/dark-poetry/ ]

2. Pinkpoem - Initiating Changes Through Inspirationa
Features inspirational poems by famous English poets. Uplift yourself with these timeless inspirational poems...
[ http://www.pinkpoem.com ]

3. Mikes Fiction
An eclectic collection of free short stories by Mike most of which have been published in lit mags. There is a feedback form...
[ http://mikesfiction.com ]

4. Niema Ash - Author
Canadian writer with books on Loreena McKennitt T...
[ http://www.niemaash.com ]

5. Russia Live
Russia Live! Online Multimedia Library offers to read the best of the Russian literature online for free....
[ http://library.liverus.com ]

6. Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel
A mystical adventure wherein seven companions are sent on a quest to find the original ring of power King Solomon s seal ring said to control the Jinn terrifying demons of liv...
[ http://www.masterofthejinn.com ]

7. lpchasebooks.com
Meet LP Chase Long Island poet and author. Read excerpts from Elliot Stone or Chase s collection of poet...
[ http://www.lpchasebooks.com ]

8. Milon: Hebrew English Dictionary
Free online English Hebrew English dictionary. Get translation and definition from the most popular dictionaries and...
[ http://www.milon.co.il ]

9. WJA Memoir Writer - Ghost Writer
Offering a professional memoir-writing service from proof reading to full ghost writing including self publishin...
[ http://www.wja-memoir-writer.co.uk ]

10. Semantic Articles
Semantic articles directory contains only the best quality content. The high standards that are in plac...
[ http://www.semanticarticles.com ]

11. Total Cardboard Small Press Publishers
An independent small press producing books and journals as well as hosting short stories and poetry at the Online Reading Room...
[ http://www.totalcardboard.com ]

12. Inspiring Poems
Immerse yourself into the world s classic all time inspirational and comforting poetry. Read and listen to these captivating words for a truly rewarding experie...
[ http://www.inspiring-poems.com ]

13. D.A.Dames Love Poetry Directory
Love poems and more at the island love poetry domain. Be wooed at Bahamas woo site and enjoy. D.A.Dames Love poetry index of love poems for lovers committed to the goodness...
[ http://www.geocities.com/dpoetry2002/Love_Poetry/Love_Poems.html ]

14. Jack Hagen - Author of The Zambezi Incident
This site provides information about the exciting new adventure novel "The Zambezi Incident". This story takes the reader from the African bush to the financial capital...
[ http://www.jackghagen.com ]

writers website page: More arts website

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